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Why Functional Elements?



There has been an evolution in the way we have been working out from the 1950’s to present day fitness trends. There has also been an evolution of our mindset and the way we approach our daily habits. 


As a whole we are growing more mindful of the the choices we make when it comes to the food we are putting in our bodies, the earth friendly products we purchase, and the mindfulness we bring to community and family, but there is one element missing. What about the manner in which we are moving our bodies? 

The body that you live in is meant to last a lifetime. If that’s the case then why are so many of us walking around with chronic pain, tightness, injury, and dis-ease?


Your next evolution starts here at Functional Elements Studio. This is where you learn how to engage and connect with your body.  We give you the tools to reprogram your motor learning and create proper movement patterns that will bring longevity to your body rather than constantly breaking it down for the sake of a “killer workout”. 


These functional workouts will definitely make you sweat as they are challenging to the mind and the body as we manage the work in a very methodical process. 


It’s not just the food we eat, the products we use, and our our mindset. It’s a synergy of all these things plus our movement behavior.


Our Infinity Circuit is specifically designed with your daily functions in mind

At Functional Elements Studio we bring you back to your bodies true nature to live long and prosper! 

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