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Energy is Everything

It takes ENERGY to be successful. It takes a HUGE amount of energy to be dramatically successful.

Now copy and paste that statement to every aspect of your life. Career success, physical success, relationship success, mental and spiritual success.

It all takes energy. I ask myself every night if I have dedicated the right amount of energy to all the different commitments in my life. Where I did I bring just the right amount of energy, where did I cut my energy short, and what did I give an abundance of energy to. The answer is a different combination of every aspect each day.

In order to give energy you must first receive energy. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. Energy is transferred from everything and everyone we encounter on our day to day. We receive energy from food, water, people, living spaces, and thoughts. If you expect success then you must first evaluate your energy level. Does your energy level meet or exceed your expectation of success in the chosen part of your life?

Feed yourself nutritiously to give your body energy. Get rid of the negative people that only know how to take energy away from you. Give your spirit energy by finding the quiet, tranquil, positive environment or moments it needs in order to breathe. Surround yourself with other positive, high energy, successful people to keep your mind open and in alignment with your purpose. Be selective in what and who you give your energy to. It’s more valuable than gold and must remain in balance and in abundance for you to be successful.

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